A Dutch Oven … and much more

While dutch oven cooking hasn’t changed much in 300 years, the technology behind grills, smokers, griddles and outdoor cooking, in general, has been evolving at a rapid pace. Do you enjoy outdoor cooking? How about cooking pizzas or steaming vegetables? What if you could have all of it, plus a grill and smoker, all in one package?

If you enjoy outdoor living, CampMaid has designed a solution to improve the dutch oven experience and turn it in so much more. Make amazing meals, steam veggies, smoke meat and even cook pizzas all with a single set of tools. It’s fun, easy and convenient for seasoned dutch oven pros and beginners. Change how you dutch oven!


How To Use CampMaid

  • CampMaid developed the first dutch oven lid tool that holds your lid securely, AND keeps it out of the dirt! This handy lid tool also serves as a sturdy holding stand when your meal is ready to be stirred and dished out, saving your back from constantly leaning into the fire pit.
  • CampMaid’s charcoal holder is adjustable to vary the distance of the heat source, keeping your meal hot or warm for serving. Just slide the auto clamping holder up or down to move your heat source closer or further from your oven. The charcoal holder also serves as a super compact charcoal starter.
  • Flip things upside down, and CampMaid’s charcoal holder turns the dutch oven lid into the perfect griddle for cooking pancakes, bacon, eggs, or even your very own outdoor pizza oven!
  • Pick up some smoker chips and this handy tool lets you smoke the most delicious meals for hundreds of dollars less than any dedicated smoker. Plus, it’s super portable so you can smoke meat in places you never dreamed of smoking before.
  • Set the grill inside of the dutch oven and it’s ready for steaming veggies or keeping certain dishes off the bottom of your oven for perfect, even cooking.

Additional tools are also available. Be prepared to easily cook anything outdoors, backyard or even tight urban spaces. Open up a whole new world of possibilities for the dutch oven and outdoor chef in you! Please visit your nearest IFA Country Store to learn more.





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