Why Fall Fertilizer is the Most Important of the Year


The change of season brings a change in lawn care. For Utah, this means it’s time for fall fertilizer. Fall fertilizer is the most important lawn feeding of the year since it takes care of lawns through the winter all the way until spring. 

This time of year, most lawns have noticeable dry patches now that the hot summer sun has done its damage for the year. Since Utah is prone to having desert-like conditions in the summer with temperatures up to 100 degrees, the fall is a time for lawns to recover from the heat and aridness. Right now, Utah lawns need a heavy dose of nitrogen which is essential to growth. Nitrogen helps grassroots convert nutrients into energy that helps the roots become strong and encourages the blades to regrow.

Fall fertilizer is not only the most important feeding for the fall and winter seasons, but also for the spring. Fertilizing in the fall gives your grass a head start for next spring by causing an earlier spring green up. Your lawn will have an easier time greening up because fall fertilizer prepares the grass by having a consistent flow of nitrogen that’s slowly released throughout the winter. Utah lawns that are not fertilized in the fall suffer in the spring from excessive shoot growth due to grass going from being deprived of nitrogen to having an extreme amount. Using fall fertilizer prepares your lawn in becoming more manageable and consistent in the spring time.

Use IFA Step 4 Fall & Winter Fertilizer with Omnicote iron to fertilize your lawn this fall. The specially formulated fertilizer has an extra boost of nitrogen which helps grassroots become strengthened and causes the root system to retain water more efficiently throughout the winter. With the Omnicote iron added into the mix, your lawn will also have a darker shade of green that will last until the first snow fall.

Bonus Tip:

In addition to using IFA Step 4 Fall & Winter Fertilizer, an application of IFA Bountiful Earth Humate will also help protect your lawn against the rigorous winter months. Humate improves the availability of iron and other minerals while also increasing the water holding capacity of the soil. Using Humate with the fertilizer conditions your soil to pick up more nutrients and improves the efficiency of the fertilizer to keep lawns healthier and greener longer. 

Apple both the IFA Step 4 Fall & Winter Fertilizer and the IFA Bountiful Earth Humate as directed and water thoroughly to ensure a healthier, happier lawn. Visit your local IFA Country Store and start protecting your lawn.