Smarty Xtreme Pull Behind Wheels – Black



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The Smarty Xtreme is the most realistic and interactive roping machine available. The Xtreme’s design is specially adapted to meet the needs of headers and healers for the best training and practice experience.

-Realistic Steer Motion and Stride: Smarty’s interactive hocks mimic a real steer’s stride that adjusts to the speed of the ATV for realistic timing and roping experience.
-LED Light-up Hocks: Smarty’s unique light-up hocks are the ultimate training and practice tool for heelers. The interactive hocks light up green once the steer’s legs are at the highest point of the jump, challenging ropers to establish good habits and find the proper timing.
-Turn Loose Horns: The turn loose horns allow a rope to easily pop off once dallied. This along with the realistic head and horn shape make Smarty Xtreme a favorite practice and training tool for headers.
-Durable Tires for Pivoting Action: Durable tires designed to create the pivoting action of a real corner set the Smarty Xtreme apart from other roping practice sleds. The tires are guaranteed to never go flat and allow the steer to drift for a more realistic spin.

Selection varies by store, contact store for availability.

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