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Use Remix for a huge pre-plant soil boost for pots and raised beds! Organic & Natural. Easy to use – Simply mix into used potting soil to recharge, or blend with new potting soil to enhance your favorite mix. This full spectrum formula of 50+ perfectly proportioned ingredients ensures a kickstart to new plants for vigorous roots, stems and leaves. Use Remix every time when planting into pots or raised beds for easy, fast results every time.


Turn ANY soil into a SUPER SOIL! A super charged soil mix is an important part to healthy plants. It makes all the difference whether they start fast or stall at the starting line. Kickstart your grow with a much-needed boost. Remix Pre-Plant Soil Boost fortifies media with root stimulants, beneficial microbes and pH correctors – for fast rooting and vigorous growth.

Simply blend-in 10% Remix to turn your favorite mix into a super soil! Easy to use, gentle enough for kids & pets to play after use and safe for edibles. 50+ perfectly proportioned ingredients. Ideal for indoor & outdoor pots and raised beds. Charges new and used planting mixes or coco-coir. Organic input material. OMRI Listed.

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