Pecking Order Gourmet Mealworm Treat

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Gourmet Mealworm Treat offers a variety of carefully selected wholesome ingredients that add more enjoyment and diversity into your flock’s feeding regimen. When you combine ingredients like mealworms, sunflower hearts, raisins, corn, peanuts, and flax seed, you have to call it gourmet…your chickens would!


Offering Gourmet Mealworm Treat is a great way to interact with chickens and helps flock owners discover and enjoy the unique characteristics of each hen. Treats can also be effectively used on a routine basis to bring your flock in close for a quick visual inspection to evaluate their wellbeing.

Treat Your Chickens To a Variety of Gourmet Ingredients
Blended with High Protein Dried Mealworms & Peanuts
Excellent Sources of Energy Including Sunflower Hearts & Cracked Corn
Added Raisins are a True Gourmet Ingredient and a Flock Favorite
Includes Omega-3 Rich Flax Seed and Vitamin A & D3 Supplement
Served in a Recyclable Standup Bag with Reclosable Seal
Packed In USA Facility with SQF Level 2 Certification to Ensure Quality

Selection varies by store, contact store for availability.

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