IFA Cowboy Crunch Chicken Treats

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Nutritious chicken treats with mealworms, sunflower seeds, anise oil and whole grains

IFA Cowboy Crunch poultry treats are a power-packed treat filled with mealworms, sunflower seeds and anise oil in a mix of whole grains, perfect for your chickens to hunt and peck this nutritious treat. Our premium blend of grains, worms, and seeds is a healthy choice you can feel good about giving your pets.

Product Features

  • Meal worms, sunflower seeds and anise oil in a mix of high-quality whole grains
  • Encourages instinctive pecking and scratching behavior
  • Recommended as a treat to adult chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys
  • For optimal poultry health, healthy treats should not exceed 10% of overall diet


Selection varies by store, contact your local IFA Country Store for availability.

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