IFA Organic Soy-Free Poultry Layer Pellet

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Give your flock and family the best nutrition—because the healthiest hens produce the most nutritious eggs.

IFA Organic Soy-Free Poultry Layer Pellet feed is USDS certified organic and made with only non-GMO verified ingredients. Our expert animal nutritionists developed this feed using only the best ingredients to create a nutritionally balanced mix of 16% protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals along with added calcium for strong bones and improved egg-shell quality.

This soy-free poultry feed is a great choice for those who want eggs with minimal potential allergens and reduced hormone levels that can be associated with soy-based feeds. We recommend IFA Organic, Soy-Free 16% Layer Pellets for laying hens and other chickens over 18 weeks old.

USDA Certified Organic  Non-GMO Verified

Product Details

  • USDA Certified Organic 100%
  • Non-GMO verified ingredients
  • Pellets provide easy-to-eat, complete nutrition with low mess and minimal waste
  • 16% protein for day-to-day performance & health
  • Soy-free blend helps minimize potential allergens in your eggs
  • Prebiotics & probiotics support digestive system health
  • Fortified with calcium for healthy bones and stronger eggshells
  • Vitamins and minerals provide proper nutrients for early growth
  • Antibiotic- and medication-free with no added hormones
  • Recommended for laying hens and other chickens over 18 weeks old

Nutritional Information: 16% Crude Protein (min), 4% Crude Fat (min), 5% Crude Fiber (max)

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Available at select IFA Country Stores and select IFA Dealers. Selection varies by store, contact store for availability.

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Weight 40 lbs