Enhance your garden with a much-needed upgrade. GardenMAX Soil Treatment For Gardens restores the natural balance to your soil with macro and micro nutrients, pH correctors, beneficial microbes and growth stimulators – for plants that look lush, green and healthy. This full spectrum formula is easy to use, gentle enough for kids and pets to play after use and provides the optimal balance for all plants to thrive. Makes gardens easier to maintain and increases growth, health and beauty. Helps to soften hard soil and increase strong, deep roots. Apply on top – see results fast.GardenMAX contains all the pieces of the puzzle to bring your soil back in balance. So, whether your garden is missing a trace element on one side of the yard and the pH is off on the other – GardenMAX will fix it and help your plants thrive.

Selection varies by store, contact store for availability.

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Weight 37 lbs

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