If it grows out of the ground, Bountiful Earth Humate will help it grow better.

IFA Bountiful Earth Humate soil conditioner supports and promotes strong, healthy growth in lawns, gardens, trees, shrubs, crops, and more, for the greenest grass, most nutritious veggies, yummiest fruits and biggest harvest yields.

The natural benefits of Bountiful Earth Humate come from three key components:
1. Very-large humin molecules work by opening the soil structure, which improves water-holding capacity and nutrient retention
2. Medium-size humic acids increase nutrient availability by unlocking minerals and transforming them into effectively-absorbed forms
3. Smaller fulvic acids readily bond with the nutrients to easily carry them into the plant’s roots
All three Humate components work together to dramatically increase a plant’s nutrient absorption and overall health.

This locally-sourced soil-activating treatment stimulates growth in beneficial microbes who work to unbind vital nutrients from the soil so they can be moved closer to the root zone. Bountiful Earth Humate also significantly increases soil’s water-retention capacity—a major plus in the arid areas of the intermountain west.

When used on lawns, we recommend applying Bountiful Earth Humate in the spring along with Crabgrass Preventer + Lawn Food, and in the fall with Fall & Winter Lawn Food as part of IFA’s complete 4Plus lawn care program.



When to Apply & How Often

LAWNS: Apply twice a year, in the spring and fall, at a rate of 10 lb/1,000 sq ft
GARDENS: Apply once a year in the spring at a rate of 25–150 lb/1,000 sq ft
TREES & SHRUBS: Apply twice a year, in the spring and fall, at a rate of 10–15 lb/1,000 sq ft

Product Details

  • Naturally boosts fertilizer effectiveness by improving bioavailability at the cellular level
  • Humins + humic acids increase soil’s ability to hold water up to 7x it’s normal capacity
  • Fulvic acids increase plants nutrient-uptake potential
  • Improves over-all soil structure, especially for clay soils
  • Stimulates naturally-occurring soil microbes
  • Boosts effectiveness of lawn or garden fertilizer
  • An essential part of your complete IFA 4Plus lawn care program
  • IFA Co-op Advantage product


Available at all IFA Country Stores and select IFA Dealers. Selection varies by store, contact store for availability.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs

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