Transform weary, worn-out lawns with a much-needed upgrade. TurfMAX Soil Treatment For Lawns restores the natural balance to your soil with macro and micro nutrients, pH correctors, beneficial microbes and green grass stimulators – for lawns that look lush, green and healthy. This full spectrum formula is easy to use, gentle enough for kids and pets to play after use and provides the optimal balance for all grasses to thrive. Makes lawns easier to maintain and increases health and density of thick green grass. Helps to soften hard soil and increase strong, deep roots. Apply on top – see results fast. The grass in your lawn has different requirements than the trees, shrubs, flowers and veggies in your garden. With that in mind, we specifically designed TurfMAX to work best for all types of grasses.

Selection varies by store, contact store for availability.

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Weight 37 lbs

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